Get to know Harvey the Wonder Dog and Lisë!  

Harvey and me
Lisë Dominique
solid delivery for sophisticated clients

The clientele for our Insurance Research Letter needs to hear a voice they can trust. Lisë's voice consistently delivers difficult, technical material in a conversational tone. 

Alexander Hodges, Editor in Chief IRL, Posted on February 1, 2017

There’s a reason we indulge in an irrational love for our pets: Because no one else is that happy to see us every day! It’s that unconditional love that makes them our best friends. Are you doing everything possible to keep your pets happy and healthy? With HarveyDoodle Tips 'n Tales, you’ll learn everything you never knew about your pets. Are you unsure about the questions to ask your vet? Or, are you curious about the best dog parks to visit? All that and more are here on HarveyDoodle Tips 'n Tales. 


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LIsë does all our podcasts

We hire Lisë every month to voice the ads and edit our podcast for the companies that sponsor our travel cast and she comes through every time. 

Robert Haas, PCMA- Chicago, Il. Posted on February 14, 2017

Harvey the wonder dog
Lisë is a pro!

We used LIsë for our Bridge Pro profiles. Her bubbly voice brought their personalities to life for the players.

Jay & Kimberly Whipple, Posted on Jan 20, 2017