Hi, i'm Lisë Dominique and I am LIVING WHAT I LOVE! Yes, I am unabashedly in love with not only my Harvey the Wonder Dog, but just about any animal I've ever met! As a veteran Air Personality, Voice-Actor, and On-Camera Talent, I've been blessed with the opportunity to interview a variety of notables in every field. My passion and focus now is animal welfare. HarveyDoodle Tips 'n Tales fun YouTube animal videos for kids of every age will educate and entertain YOU with information all about pets and other animals. HarveyDoodle Tips 'n Tales is on YouTube. Soon to be offered on iTunes and SoundCloud. 

  Pets are family! 

Voice-Over and Video Production 

    Learning through YouTube Animal Videos 

Send me copy and I'll send you: Voice-Overs for commercial and corporate presentations, voicemail, PSA's, or video games. Turn-around time: 24 hours or less for most projects. Click  below for demos.

The Adventures of Harvey the Wonder Dog; Harvey the Hungry Dog, published in 2009, is a fun romp about Harvey's first  year of life. Two more books are in the works. Check it out at his book website link below. 

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children's books

HARVEYDOODLE TIPS 'N TALES are :60 YouTube animal videos for kids give all animal lovers quick bits 'n tips. Topics range from silly to serious. COMING SOON...15 minute podcasts of fun learning with interviews w/vets and animal lovers. Upbeat and topical!